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Sichtbar für registrierte Experten DevOps Engineer (m/f)
Personality IT

Projekt-ID: XISA-DE17755265

Land: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten

Einsatzort: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten

Postleitzahlenbereich: N/A

Beginn: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten

Laufzeit: 12 Monate

Stundensatz: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten

Vertragsart: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten

Branche: Sichtbar für registrierte Experten


- You will be responsible for a variety of operations related tasks like config management with Salt in our self-   hosted OpenStack Cloud - You will also be finding stable solutions for new products together with the clients' development Teams - Thinking out of the box to improve and shape the platforms is highly appreciated. - You will help to continuously strive for better solutions to reduce our day-to-day workload (Automation) - By using continuous deployment technologies like Jenkins, Docker and Marathon/Mesos developers bringt    their applications live to site on our self-written platform as a service infrastructre - Running multiple datacentres in active/active mode creates opportunity for challenging Tasks. - Constant knowledge sharing and collaboration in addition to being able work on cross-team projects adds up   to this interesting position.   

- You have 5+ years of experience 

You have experience in/with:

- scripting languages, Ruby is a big plus - configuration management like Saltstack, Ansible or puppet - programming languages like Python or Go is a big plus too - VCS, preferably git, github knowledge is a plus - Platform-as-a-Service (consul, marathon/mesos, nomad) is a big plus


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